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Eugenie George

Financial Wellness Strategist

Eugenie uses her over 10+ plus years’ experience in tech, education, and finances to lead high- achieving individuals understand their money habits. Eugenie uses non-traditional ways of understanding business and personal goals because no taught anyone the true skills of money. A master at mindset through Eugenie teaches and coaches a wide range of individuals and her genius has created a new method of money through research, practice, and creativity, taking the anxiety around math and money to work for you.

Here is what you'll learn:

Learn WOC Money Stories

After reading this book, you will discover:
The historic landscape of laws and policies that have affected Women of Color. Learn from 40 interviews from Women of Color (Latinx, Native, African, and Asian American)

Write out Your Financial Wellness Plan

Find out your current money situation, money story, Net Worth, and organize your financial life.

Find Your Financial BFF

Learn about the various financial allies that can help you reach your financial potential.

Eugenie has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe as you learn the deeply personal money stories of women in every culture. Her wit and humor make this read easy to digest and understand. A must read for anyone looking to cultivate a healthy realtionship with their money”

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